January is a great time to make those infamous New Year’s Resolutions – and then promptly break them. But my challenge today is to start acting on those money resolutions in January because you really are starting new. Things I have already started to act on:

* Track spending so I know where the money is going. I have always done this with various computer programs. I used Quicken and got cheap and switched to Mint.com. This free version didn’t do everything I wanted so this year I have started the process of switching another free online program called YodleeMoneyCenter. Since you link your accounts (credit card included) to the program, it automatically downloads everything. It categorizes and then budgets your spending.

* Tracking spending does not prevent overspending so planning to have a monthly review with my husband to ensure we are on track.

* I have also set up a Health Savings Account in conjunction with my new health insurance. After reviewing our budget and deciding on an amount, I will do an automatic withdrawal into this account. This should prepare us for any future medical expenses that might occur. I will also review our other automatic withdrawals to make sure we are on target for a new car (transmission is acting funny these days) and a vacation.

* Meal planning, or the lack thereof, is the one area that I would like to see improvement. Although I don’t go out to eat at the last-minute, I do have unnecessary stress about the meals and sometimes throw away food that I intend to use but don’t get to in time.

What are your financial goals for 2012? What resolutions have you already acted on? What program/method do you use to track your spending? Do you have a Health Savings Account or other medical account?