Every year or so I comb through our expenses and see where we can save. Most money-saving sights focus on your unfixed expenses. All those daily habits where we spend money without thinking about it. Coupons and shopping for sale items are largely a part of this philosophy. Also included might be taking your lunch to work or not buying that daily designer coffee. I am a frugal gal so I embrace these ideas with fervor, however, I think saving money must also look at your fixed costs that most people assume cannot be changed. Or, most honestly, we don’t want to take the time to change.

It is absolutely ridiculous what we (along with our neighbors) spend on technology. Land line, cell phones, cable, internet are fixed costs that only seem to go up every 12 months. We have already gone to an internet-based phone saving us $12 a month (that’s $144 a year). We dropped my husband’s cell phone after his work began providing a smart phone. My barebones cell phone is for emergency only and rolls over the minutes so I won’t go over if I ever use it much.

A few months back, our cable company decided that unless you bundle multiple services, they can’t give you a break. So we are trying to walk away from them. Since I can’t convince my husband to throw the televisions out the window, we are going “over the air.” We have installed an antenna that gives us a clearer picture and actually a few more channels. We will still have to invest in a converter box for our older television but will no longer have our monthly cable bill. We were spending about $25 a month for basic cable that had about 12 channels. Now, it is none. We do have an initial cost but should be saving $300 a year within a few months.

Our next move is to change our internet provider so that we can get streaming ESPN over the internet and pay less. We’re still in the process so I’ll let you know if it works.

How do you save money on technology? What fixed expenses can you lower?

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” Benjamin Franklin