I’m already tired of this. I’m sure my son is although he’s been a real trooper. He’s not feeling any better and I’m doubting my decisions. Is this the right diet? Is his pain even diet related? What if it’s some chemical that he’s still consuming since I’m not dedicated enough to do organic?

Today we went to the store after school and he had to watch his siblings munch down on delicious, frosted white cookies that we’re freebies at the store. To compensate, I bought hummus not on sale – UGH! I also bought two different types of freeze pops. Of course, one has sugar and the other sorbitol so it may be a no-no as well. We do consume some carbs and I wonder if that’s the real problem.

He’s belly is still hurting from a 7 before meals and a 10 after meals. No progress. I was hoping day four would be at least a slight change. His diet continues to be fairly the same every day:

Thursday: Rice chex, Rice Krispies (not marked as gluten-free although I did just buy those), rice cakes (can’t believe Kroger doesn’t have any gluten-free that don’t have sugar), BBQ grilled chicken, lentil-potato-carrot-onion soup, apple, orange (oops, I was going to avoid citrus), smoothie (orange juice, banana, pear, spinach, strawberry)

Friday: rice chex, rice krispies, rice cakes, apple, orange, kiwi, bbq grilled chicken for dinner

Failure: gluten-free crackers made with rice flour but it has pecans; sun-dried tomato humus that has sesame seeds

Paralyze resistance with persistence.  – Woody Hayes