Today presented our first “out in public” scenarios. I learned how difficult it would be to live gluten-free. We went to a friend’s house who graciously prepared a lunch without any allergens. Jathan, however, was not appreciative of the rice and so her efforts were pointless. He remained hungry for the afternoon although he did not complain.

We left the friend’s to go to a spring football game. The boys were so excited to choose their seat near the field. It was hot and sunny. All was well until the children behind us were given frozen lemonade. It looked so refreshing. The whining and requests, especially from the 3-year-old, began. Although I have not been die-hard removing sugar from his diet, I have been naturally reducing it with gluten and dairy free diet. I didn’t want pure fructose going into his system.

The little one was crying so badly, I ending up leaving the older boys together and getting a pretzel. Whining seized – yeah. If Jathan had seen that, he would have been SOOOO jealous.

It was late after we dropped off the friend he ate about 15 M&Ms without me knowing it. His friend’s tempting stash was too much to resist. We stopped at Burger King. I felt lonely not having french fries. We ordered plain double burgers with ketchup. Jathan at three plain burgers and we ate the burgers and buns. Couldn’t have the ranch dressing because there was milk/egg.

When he awoke he was still a “5” in pain. It felt like someone pushing on his belly (bloating?). There was localize pain been the rib bones and aching through the area. The discomfort seems constant – not related to his eating. I’m doubting food intolerance is the problem.

Our actions are the results of our intentions and our intelligence.  – E. STanley Jones