Monday was our last day and Tuesday we gave him dairy. 2% milk with cereal at breakfast and then ice cream for dessert. Chicken, beans and pineapple for dinner. No difference. He does not think milk is the culprit.

Wednesday is gluten day. Oatmeal and milk for breakfast. Hot dog with bun at the ball park (school function).

I realize the he has bad high fructose corn syrup and soy in some of the things he has eaten over the last few weeks. Juice boxes (maybe 4 total) and freeze pops (probably 6 total) are the main things. Soy is a binder in many items so, without knowing it, he probably had these. Soy and corn could be possible allergens but I’m pretty sure milk is not.

Basically, though, I believe in eating well, not eating too much but eating a variety of foods. – Joan Collins


No improvement. Discouraging. Not sure what to do now. Why bother introducing foods back when it hasn’t been any better anyway?

Hot dogs (2.5 decent brand – not the red kind) at the pool Open House. We had breakfast for dinner. Full of grease – bacon, home fries, stewed apples. He had to skip the pancakes and eggs as well as all sorts of baked goods at church this morning. Lemonade all day. He felt like throwing up when he went to bed. Perhaps slurping down pure grease without chewing it doesn’t settle well with his stomach? Go figure!

He felt awful in the morning. Gave him some Tums and his belly felt much better.

Faith in the possibility of food sensitivities is dying. His belly still feels awful and I even wonder if I’ve done well enough. Tonight he had a bit of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter which has a bit of buttermilk in it. Does that have enough dairy to make a difference? Of course sugar on his strawberries, brown sugar and “butter” on his sweet potatoes and a piece of hard candy don’t help if carbs are his downfall.

Thursday’s food: rice chex/krispies with bananas; rice cakes, ham, banana; sweet potato, bbq chicken, salad with ranch dressing, sugared strawberries for dessert.

Woops. It’s getting more difficult to adhere to the elimination diet. Temptations at church abound. Jathan had no food options with delicous homemade muffins calling his name. He opted for two juice boxes which, besides the sugar, seems innocent enough.

Lunch was some leftover turkey. Unfortunately, there was gravy made with flour that has gluten. Is that little amount enough to force us to start over? I’m not doing it but wonder if I should.

Monday included more of the same stuff. He was aching this morning and could clarify why/where. I wonder if it’s something to do with his diet or just Monday-morning school jitters or lack of sleep. He seemed better at the end of the day.

Sun-dried tomato humus and rice/pecan crackers are his new favorite snack.

Today presented our first “out in public” scenarios. I learned how difficult it would be to live gluten-free. We went to a friend’s house who graciously prepared a lunch without any allergens. Jathan, however, was not appreciative of the rice and so her efforts were pointless. He remained hungry for the afternoon although he did not complain.

We left the friend’s to go to a spring football game. The boys were so excited to choose their seat near the field. It was hot and sunny. All was well until the children behind us were given frozen lemonade. It looked so refreshing. The whining and requests, especially from the 3-year-old, began. Although I have not been die-hard removing sugar from his diet, I have been naturally reducing it with gluten and dairy free diet. I didn’t want pure fructose going into his system.

The little one was crying so badly, I ending up leaving the older boys together and getting a pretzel. Whining seized – yeah. If Jathan had seen that, he would have been SOOOO jealous.

It was late after we dropped off the friend he ate about 15 M&Ms without me knowing it. His friend’s tempting stash was too much to resist. We stopped at Burger King. I felt lonely not having french fries. We ordered plain double burgers with ketchup. Jathan at three plain burgers and we ate the burgers and buns. Couldn’t have the ranch dressing because there was milk/egg.

When he awoke he was still a “5” in pain. It felt like someone pushing on his belly (bloating?). There was localize pain been the rib bones and aching through the area. The discomfort seems constant – not related to his eating. I’m doubting food intolerance is the problem.

Our actions are the results of our intentions and our intelligence.  – E. STanley Jones

I’m already tired of this. I’m sure my son is although he’s been a real trooper. He’s not feeling any better and I’m doubting my decisions. Is this the right diet? Is his pain even diet related? What if it’s some chemical that he’s still consuming since I’m not dedicated enough to do organic?

Today we went to the store after school and he had to watch his siblings munch down on delicious, frosted white cookies that we’re freebies at the store. To compensate, I bought hummus not on sale – UGH! I also bought two different types of freeze pops. Of course, one has sugar and the other sorbitol so it may be a no-no as well. We do consume some carbs and I wonder if that’s the real problem.

He’s belly is still hurting from a 7 before meals and a 10 after meals. No progress. I was hoping day four would be at least a slight change. His diet continues to be fairly the same every day:

Thursday: Rice chex, Rice Krispies (not marked as gluten-free although I did just buy those), rice cakes (can’t believe Kroger doesn’t have any gluten-free that don’t have sugar), BBQ grilled chicken, lentil-potato-carrot-onion soup, apple, orange (oops, I was going to avoid citrus), smoothie (orange juice, banana, pear, spinach, strawberry)

Friday: rice chex, rice krispies, rice cakes, apple, orange, kiwi, bbq grilled chicken for dinner

Failure: gluten-free crackers made with rice flour but it has pecans; sun-dried tomato humus that has sesame seeds

Paralyze resistance with persistence.  – Woody Hayes

Boy do we eat a lot of milk and wheat! My son’s lunches are easy enough to pack. He likes fruit and the rice cakes I bought him are a treat. Add a little grilled chicken and we’re good to go.

Dinner is a different story. Many of my regular meals call for pasta, milk or eggs. I serve a side dish like corn (a no-no in the elimination diet) because he doesn’t like it. No hard feelings. But when I put some bread on the table tonight, it got a little ugly.

Poor guy just wanted to be able to eat some bread with his soup. To set a good example, I didn’t have any either. (Of course, I ate a big serving of off-limits ice cream the minute he was asleep.) It’s going to be a long two weeks and nothing has changed yet. His stomach is a 7 before eating and a 10 after the first bite.

Breakfast: Rice chex and Rice Krispies, smoothie

Lunch: Rick cake, grilled chicken, black-eyed peas, apple

Dinner: White Chicken Chili, cantaloupe, strawberries

Snack: Smoothie (strawberries, bananas, spinach, orange juice)

All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.  – Walt Disney